We call on you to partner with God and the ministry in acquiring this beautiful LED screen we used during NASA 2019.

The LED screen right behind our father in the Lord and the ministers on the altar, brightly displaying the NASA 2019 design.

Why We Need To Get This LED Screen.

  1. It extends and enhances the visibility of the audience during ministrations. As you don’t have to stand up again before seeing clearly what is happening in front or on the altar.
  2. It beautifully adds to the aesthetics of the altar, as it will reduce the quantity of decoration materials used on the altar, thereby reducing cost for the ministry.
  3. It is brighter, sharper, bigger and better than the old projectors we are using. You don’t need to squint your eyes to see.
  4. It helps us for better and clearer understanding of sermons and ministrations as scripture readings, pictures, videos, etc can be better and brightly viewed.
  5. It makes our worship come alive.


WATCH THIS VIDEO. #operation17

Partner today, by choosing your donation category below. To make this payment, your bank must have been enabled for online banking.

Or you can simply make a direct transfer to the account details below, God bless you.

Account name: LFF Convention. Account No: 2382028307. Eco Bank.

The Lord accept your giving in Jesus name. Amen.

Contact 08112539058 for any enquiries. Please copy the link to this page and keep sharing until every LFF members gets it and partakes in this great blessing. #Operation17 #LFFLEDScreen #Donate #Pay17