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Texts: PSALM 75:6-7

What do you say of Joseph who was thrown into a pit, and later sold into slavery? But God intervene and connected him in the land of slavery to an officer of King Pharaoh; when he fell out of favor and was imprisoned, God visited him in the prison and he took him from the prison to the palace.
Joseph is a classic example of how God can turn the greatest adversities in life into promotion. Joseph moved from slavery into prison and from prison into palace. What do we say of David who was called from the field where he was looking after sheep and anointed the King of Israel? David was forgotten in the field when Samuel asked the father of David to present his children, all the seven brothers of David were presented, but David was not remembered.
I pray for you today that though the world has forgotten you today, but God will remember you and He will send for you to come and occupy the position God has prepared for you. Amen.

The story of Elijah and the widow of Zarapath is another typical story of divine connection, even during famine God has prepared the widow of Zarapath to take care of Elijah and persuaded that as we hold on to God within the storms of life, God will prepare people to help and meet all your needs.

Neman, the leprous general was also divinely connected to a little maid who gave him information on how he could receive his healing through a man of God.

All this shows that God is the lifter of men and as you lift up your eyes to that God this year, you shall experience divine intervention in your situation in Jesus name.

1. Father, let international doors of opportunity open unto me this year
2. Father, connects me to the right people that will connect me to the right business
3. Father, connects me to my spiritual breakthrough this year
4. Father, connects me to men and women that will support my vision this year
5. In the name of Jesus, I reject wrong connection this year and beyond
6. Father, connect me to men that will help my ministry and career
7. Father by your mercy open doors of international connection for Living Faith Foundation
8. Pray in the Spirit
9. Thank God for answered prayers

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