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Texts: 1 CORINTHIANS 2:9-10
The key to walking in revelation is the person of the Holy Spirit. He is the One who bridges the gap between the natural and the supernatural (1 Corinthians 2:10). He is the One who helps us to get inspiration (Ephesians 1: 16-18). If the Holy Spirit does not show us the hidden things, then we do not have access to them. God wants us to run every aspect of our lives on revelation knowledge. In Genesis 26, there was a famine in the land and Isaac wanted to go to Egypt because of the famine but he was instructed by God to stay in the land and sow during the famine and he reaped a hundredfold. He became extremely prosperous because he obeyed God.

To have access to revelation knowledge, you need to pray. Prayer is an opportunity for you to relate with God and gain access to the supernatural world (Jeremiah 33:3). Spend time praying in the Holy Ghost to build up your faith. Also, meditate (think deeply) on God’s word (Joshua 1: 8; Psalm 39:3). Get inspired by God’s prophet – the servant of God. Do not take lightly the words which proceed from those God has put in authority over you in church. Read materials written or produced by them; listen to their messages, follow their advice (Acts 27: 9-24).

Holy Spirit give unto me the Spirit of revelation knowledge of the word of God

Holy Spirit remove spiritual cataract from my eyes

Holy Spirit, open my understanding, teach me deep and secret things

In the name of Jesus, revelation knowledge of the word of God will not become scarce commodity in my life

Holy Spirit, open my eyes like Elisha and my ears like Samuel in the name of Jesus
Pray in the spirit

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