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Texts: EPHESIANS 1:17; ISAIAH 6:1-7; JOB 5:12; ACTS 27:22-23; JEREMIAH 11:18-19, DANIEL 2:22

One area, in which the enemy has boxed many of us to Conner, is to make us to believe the wrong truth. There are always 2 (two) kinds of truth. Sense of mental knowledge truth, and revelation knowledge truth. Both truths are usually opposed to each other. Wherever you are today, what you believe got you there. As Christians we should live in the realm above senses. You must refuse to allow your life governed by sense knowledge. The forces that oppose us are in the senses. Once the word of God has spoken all other voices should be taken as shadows and masquerades. It is important that all believers must key themselves into the power of revelation knowledge. Revelation makes known the mind of God to man. Revelation is the ancestor of manifestation. The compass you need to show you where you are going is revelation. Revelation illuminates and brings to knowledge, the important hidden decoded mysteries of God. Revelation makes you discover all secret things. Revelation makes you sound information for proper warfare. The truth of God is made known to man by revelation. Revelation is the mother of manifestation. A man without revelation is a dead man. Revelation gives hope and restores joy to man. If you can see in advance where you are going, you will exercise patience to get there. Revelation is the compass you need to know where you are going and how to get there. Night revelation brought hope to men in the ship of Paul to Rome. Revelation is the hidden wisdom for success. Revelation unfolds future mysteries. Your vision is limited to the degrees of your revelation. You can never be greater than your revelation.

Holy Spirit, I surrender myself completely to you, have your way in my life. Sear your word into my heart like a brand, and help me to understand it

Holy Spirit let everything about me and my life line up with your truth. Sweet Holy Spirit have your way in my life

Holy Spirit, fill me with gut-level, life-changing, intimate knowledge of you and your truth in every way.

Holy Spirit, help me to receive revelation from you that changes my thoughts, my actions and behavior patterns, and my outlook on life completely

Father, reveal to me every secret behind any problem that I have

Holy Spirit, fill me up to overflowing
Pray in the spirit

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