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Texts: EXODUS 28:3; 31:6; 35:35; 36:1-2


“Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7.

Without God’s wisdom there can be no righteousness. It is by wisdom that justice is decreed. All the nobles and judges of the earth rule by her. The wisdom of God at work through the church is what will paralyze the principalities and powers of hell. Wisdom justifies a person in the face of any opposition; it raises him up above any enemy or adversary, and lifts him high over all principalities and powers.


Nobody would able to withstand divine wisdom. Nobody would able to deny the wisdom of God. When people see us, they will not be able to oppose us or stop us. And those who would hate and condemn us will fail because our mouths will be filled with this divine wisdom. Try to find a more powerful weapon than that! Wisdom will defeat every opposition, every power that comes against us. Demons, world rulers and principalities will all have no argument they can use against us. In every area of life, we will experience a breakthrough.


Wisdom is crying out to you, listen to her voice! She wants to lift you up and put a wonderful crown upon your head. Choose wisdom; do not neglect her! She is pure and beautiful like gold……….


  1. In every area of my life where I have had wisdom deficit, fill it Lords, fill it now
  2. Saturate me with uncommon wisdom
  3. Let Your wisdom make my life easy
  4. Give me supernatural ability to unlock great opportunities.
  5. Revive the spirit of creativity in my life
  6. Make me a designer! Make me unique!! Give me wisdom to do that. Holy Spirit, give me skill!!! Uncommon skill to breakthrough in life and ministry
  7. Give me wisdom to manage my home
  8. Pray in the spirit


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