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Texts: PSALM 75:6-7


You can achieve success by merit or by hard work, but it is sweeter when you achieve success by the Holy Spirit.

There is something called Divine Connection, God divinely connect, He divinely help, and He divinely promote. If you study the Bible carefully, you will discover how hopeless cases are turned into opportunities through the supernatural intervention of Holy Spirit.

Moses is a typical case study, few months after his birth he was dumped at the river side by his mother because Pharaoh has issued a degree that all male sons in the Israelite should be killed. However, because of Moses Holy Spirit led the daughter of that same Pharaoh to visit River Nile around the same time. When she saw baby Moses crying by the river side, she eventually adopted him. Baby Moses who would have died by the river side eventually became the adopted son of a princess. Baby Moses who was crying by the Shaw of River Nile in one moment started to live in a palace in another moment.

As you hold on to the God of Moses, every hopeless situation in your life shall turn around and you shall move from the valley of life to the mountain top in Jesus name.


  1. Thank God for His mercy and loving kindness over your life
  2. Holy Spirit, let doors of unusual connection be open unto me
  3. Holy Spirit, connect me to those that will lift up my destiny
  4. Holy Spirit, rightly connect me to men and women who will help me in life
  5. Holy Spirit, rightly connect and position me to the kings and queens of my life who will bless me
  6. Father, let me receive divine assistance and connections that will influence my life for good
  7. Father, connect me to my material breakthrough this year
  8. Father, connect me to the source of my breakthrough this year
  9. Father, connect me to my benefactor this year
  10. In the name of Jesus, I command any power hiding my key of elevation and connection to fall
  11. In the name of Jesus, I command every evil stronghold and power hosing my connections to be overthrown
  12. Pray in the spirit for the next five minutes


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