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Texts: ZECHARIAH 4:6


We can assess the help of the Holy Spirit if we are a child of God: Fifthly; be conscious of His presence. Hebrews 13:5. You need to believe that the Holy Spirit is within you and be conscious of this truth always. This helps you not to grieve Him and gives you the faith to reach out for His help when you need Him. Sixthly; engage His help. Ask the Holy Ghost to help you anytime and anywhere and He will gladly do so. As your companion be free to talk to Him and expect response. Matthew 7:7-8 says that you should ask and you will receive. It is not by your might or power but by the Spirit (Zechariah 4:6), so never hesitate to engage the help of the Spirit of the Lord. Seventhly; return all the glory to God. When you give glory to God for what He has done, you provoke Him to do more. Therefore, never forget to return all glory to God for everything the Holy Spirit helps you to achieve or accomplish. When you don’t give glory back to God, you attract curse upon yourself – Malachi 2:1-2.

We can’t do without the help of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Thank You Holy Spirit for all my achievement or accomplishment
  2. Holy Spirit, sanctify me
  3. Holy Spirit, anoint me to do your work
  4. Holy Spirit help me
  5. Pray in the Holy Spirit



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