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About Us

About us

The Living Faith Foundation was birthed at a time when people were not seen to spiritually operate in a faith that is alive to save or deliver them, let alone, offer help and succor to others around them. Hence, as a foundation, the ministry sought to provide a strong base upon which the faith of its new converts would be solidly built on and groomed, with firm roots in God alone.

Now it all began in 1981/82 after God’s servant, Rev. PJA Olaiya was posted to Sokoto state for His National Youth Service Corps [NYSC], in which the vision started as weekly teaching sessions at his home on Thursdays, prayers for the needy on Fridays and night vigils on Saturdays. By 1983, he had become a guest minister and evangelist in several Churches, to the dismay and anger of the kingdom of darkness. However, the concern for his converts who were being persecuted by the Evangelicals for their belief in the Pentecostal power led him to begin to think of what could be done for them.

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Then he had a vision in 1983/84 in which God explained that he will be an irresponsible father to his converts if he did not provide a (home) church for them. God now directed him to hold a crusade in Arkilla area in Sokoto, after which he started a church for the converts, which took off in 1986 with an influx of all people from everywhere around the country.

It is interesting to note that, by December 1986, during the Christmas holiday, while most members traveled for the break; the church still recorded a high influx of people, so much that when the old members returned in January 1987, they discovered that their seats had been taken over by new members. The growth continued into 1988 and in 1989, the ministry was incorporated.

In order to achieve its goal of evangelizing of the world, the ministry was made to have two arms, namely; the Outreach Arm, under which notable Programs like SORTING OUT, OPERATION HARPAZO are integrated; and the Church Arm which went on to spread within the old Sokoto state and then to Kaduna state where the headquarters was eventually moved to, as directed by God in 1995. In 2001, a prayer camp called ALHERI CAMP was birthed, situated along Kaduna-Abuja Expressway, which is the venue for all its national programs and services.

About our founder

The origin of the Living Faith Foundation dates back to 1981/82, when a young Civil Engineer, by the name of Prince Joseph Adeolu Olaiya was posted to the old Sokoto state for the mandatory one year National Youth Service [NYSC]. Having had a previous background of fire-brand evangelism in his home base in Northern Nigeria, and driven by a passion for lost souls, he believed that the only mission of the church was to WIN souls, which he demonstrated through the many crusades he organized under the auspices of the Christian Corpers Fellowship, during his tenure as president.

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