Living Faith Foundation overview

The Living Faith Foundation was birthed at a time when people were not seen to spiritually operate in a faith that is alive to save or deliver them, let alone, offer help and succor to others around them. Hence, as a foundation, the ministry sought to provide a strong base upon which the faith of its new co

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  • About Rev P.J.A Olaiya

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  • About Rev. Prince Joseph Adeolu Olaiya

    The origin of the Living Faith Foundation dates back to 1981/82, when a young Civil Engineer, by the name of Prince Joseph Adeolu Olaiya was posted to the old Sokoto state for the mandatory one year National Youth Service [NYSC]. Having had a previous background of fire-brand evangelism in his home base in Northern Nigeria, and driven by a passion for lost souls, he believed that the only mission of the church was to WIN souls, which he demonstrated through the many crusades he organized under the auspices of the Christian Corpers Fellowship, during his tenure as president.

    Nevertheless, upon the com

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  • Mission Statement

    The Living Faith Foundation is called to;

    1. Reach the world in the power of the Holy Spirit

    2. Raise the men that have been won to reach the world

    3. Rule the world by empowering the men that are raised

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  • LFF Church Branch

    The church have several districts across the Nation.

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